Archabald Hilton

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Archibald My name is Archibald Hilton. My plot number I think 186 and, again its going to be an average because I’m not so sure, I think I’ve been here coming close to 6 years now.

I got here by an invitation of a friend of mine who’s now deceased, his name is Sidney Streete he’s from Grenada, nice gut unfortunately he died so I’ve taken over and trying to do a job that he used to do (laughs)

I’m, well I’m from Jamaica originally and I’m from the countryside, so we also have our little plots and things so I’ve always been interested in plants and planting stuff, so I guess it started from there. Now here in England I’d say Sid, we used to live on the same street, he invited me to come over and sort of started on off from there, 5or 6 years ago.

I used to have just half of one plot, then graduated to one, now I have two which I’m not able to manage so I’m going to go back down to one soon (laughs)

Worse mistake I think is probably planting some potatoes and using a technique we use in Jamaica, which is not applicable here so it was a disaster for that year (laughs) but I managed to correct it after a lot of jive from the senior ones here who know all about it, so probably that’s the worse mistake. (laughs)

How we used to plant them, well we used to use a reverse technique where we put the potato on top where you cut the bank, here you cut the bank where you put it in the concaved slop and then you mold them over. In Jamaica you do the mold itself and then you put the mold and dig it and drop it in like that, well that’s how we used to do it from my section of Jamaica. Don’t know if its right or wrong, its probably practice (laughs)

Yeh my biggest achievement is going to be the greenhouse, which is a combination of a lot of guys here on the plot, on the allotment, including Winston.

Got some nice cucumbers and potatoes this year, which I’m really impressed with, but then I have to give thanks to Sinad, which is my mate across the way there, my Turkish mate because hes the greenhouse expert and he sort of maintains it for me.

So that’s my biggest achievement for me, the greenhouse (laughts)