Dalbert Fearon

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Dalbertallotment My name is Dalbert Fearon, I’d say about 7-8 years.

I’ve been doing gardening from a very young age, yeh from when I was about 7 in my own country. So I know all about bits and pieces.
I came here, start with the fellas and I enjoy it. I keep going till today (laughs at the fact I’ve stopped him from working)
I remember at home we used to…
My dad a farmer and he was builder as well (laughs) but I usually do my own little bit at the side and I planted my little yams, my little sugarecane, little bananas, potatoes and things like that and I remember a lady come to the house and I sell her one shilling. That time it was shilling and pence you know and not pounds, shilling and pence those days and that was before I go to school, didn’t start school yet. we didn’t start school till we were about 7 and at
that time I was probably about six – six and a half so then we would go dig the ground, put things in and they come up and we enjoy.

Well I can’t remember me making any gardening mistakes except what happens in nature, water flooding (laughs) and that wasn’t my mistake, you know. We get floodouts sometimes and it spoils things but we are ok now, yeh yeh we’re ok.

And sometimes we plant the peas and they don’t come out so great, but this year they do very well and we are proud of it.