Derek Norris

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Derek My name is Derek and it’s plot number 97, I’ve been here now this year 30 years.
I think it was my interest in William Morris, local hero, arts and crafts chap and erm… yes and I’m vegetarian as well so that’s the reason.

No there was no waiting list when I wanted an allotment, there were empty allotments at that time and I think they were quite please to see a young man come along.

My worse gardening mistake was getting some Tansy because Tansy was meant to scare off the insects but instead of that it got covered in insects and then proceeded to grow all over the plot and become quite a weed. (inhaled) its ok now though, it was a problem.

I’m always pleased when I’ve made a really big, lovely bin full of compost, you know and got it out and spread it on the land, its really nice. I’m always pleased with that.