Jack Hobbs

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JackMy name is Jack Hobbs, I am on plot number 7, treasurer yes. I’ve been on the plot for about 5 years, I took early retirement at 60 years of age, and I know I don’t look that young but. When I was coming up for retirement I thought well I’ve got to do something with my time, although I’ve always been an allotmenter but never actually had one myself so I became a partner with my mate Billy. Billy said I could be his partner because Billy is 82 now and it was getting a bit too much for him and he was getting in danger of being red-carded so I came on and gave him a lift to clear it and I’m his partner.
I’ve always been into nature, bird watching that sort of thing. I just like to see things grow; I mainly grow from seed because I get the satisfaction from buying seeds and seeing them come on and also you’re getting the benefits from growing your own.

Meeting up with a block called Harry Davies as he always drinks me home brew (laughs) Worse gardening mistake, I can’t say I’ve made that much of a bad mistake, I think everything that I’ve had a go at has come to fruition.

With being on the allotment it’s given us an opportunity to introduce bees to the site, which I found very very, well its very addictive. We met some brilliant people, we’ve made some good friends that side of it, and also you can put back into the community your expertise that you’ve gained. Like the large greenhouse project we’ve got on here, has been pretty successful on the point of view A, the greenhouse would have been mollycrushed by the city of Salford gardeners because its one of those cutbacks they didn’t want so they were going to scrap it. We applied for and to take it down and transported to this site, which we have done and at least we’ve got a facility for people that have got certain disabilities, its been kitted and the benches in there was made by the remploy type people and they got the satiation of making them and transporting them down to this site and seeing what they were actually made for and it was good to see them on our open day, the lads from that company because they were really cheered by what they had achieved, you know thats what I’ve got out of the allotments so far.
Both actually on equal par, I mean due to the alteration of the river course for the flood prevention downtown in Broughton area they made a mess of that area and we just gave it a bit of thought and it was one of Keith’s, another allotmenter, ambitions to have this greenhouse put to some good use which it has been. Its been a pleasure really to work on both projects, I mean they both come together at the same time as it happened, I mean we didn’t plan it like that but thats the way it turned out to be.