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Jan My names Jan and the plot number is 210.

I got into gardening, well I’ve always gardened, my parents gardened. The back garden was my dad doing the vegetables and my mum doing the flowers and shrubs and they still garden now. SO I’ve always had that as part of my life really.

My biggest achievement I think has to been the little raised beds here actually because they work quite well and surprising lots of people started putting raised beds in after we started putting ours in and they seem to work quite well.

The biggest failure, oh god so many, every year there is one thing that doesn’t work and this year its been runner beans.
Runner beans are the easiest thing in the world to grow, not a single one happened this year. I love runner beans and I can’t even buy them because it makes me cry (laughs) just the idea of paying money for something that we should grow, yeh biggest failure this year.

We’ve, well altogether I’ve been on this plot for about 4 years in total. I had half a share in a plot about 3 plots along from this one (points in the direction towards plot 211 and along) I started helping Martha out with this plot and we do it together now three years ago now and yeh…