Joe Walker

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Joe Walker My names Joe Walker, plot numbers 20, we’ve had the plot going on 2 years.

Me and wife have always fancied a plot and we knew some people on here who had plots, so I put my name down a few years ago and just waited a few years until one came up that was suitable, whats I’d like and this one became available. It was quite large and I thought I’d be able to do plenty on it and me and wife came down and had a look at it and decided to take it on.
As I say there was nothing on here when I came on here so we had to start from the beginning, which is what we wanted to do, start from the beginning.

The worse mistake, I don’t really know, there has been a few. I put, they tell me on here, I don’t know nowt about it we’re just learning, that I put too many things in the beds you know like cabbages and stuff. I should put half of what I’m doing like. Like I’ll squeezed about 30 cabbages into a plot and they’ll say I should put about 15 in, so you learn from your mistakes don’t you.

I think last year it was the tomatoes and cucumbers and onions and lettuce, because we had salad all summer, plenty, we didn’t have to buy nowt from the shop. We had carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, taters. Like self sufficient you know and we really enjoyed the food that we grew.

Yeh, I’ve got some budgies at home in a small shed at home and some canaries, so my plan is to extend my small shed at the back and make a bit of an aviary and that and bred the budgies.