John O’Callaghan

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John My name is John O’Callaghan, my plot number is 51 and 51a. I’ve had it about six or seven years now.
I had a bad accident at work and got epilepsy out of it. They took all my licences away and I had nothing to do. So I had to, as I was told by a specialist that I had to do something. Being good at gardening, I chose to try and take up a site, try and take up an allotment. I got an allotment virtually straight away because it was a bit run down but the only reason I liked it was because it’s right near the gate and I didn’t have to struggle to get in manure or soil or anything onto the plot its self, which worked out really well.
Trying to grow asparagus and not leaving it long enough – my worst garden mistake… yeh. Not leaving it long enough. I tried to grow asparagus and it just wouldn’t take for some unknown reason. I don’t know why, but I shall try again. I’ve tried twice; maybe I’m doing something wrong. I don’t know but I shall seek advice from one of the other plot holders and find out.
It’s a bit of both really. To see the plot the way that… my best gardening achievement is to see the plot producing what it’s producing, considering what it was and the way it’s got me out of a lot of health trouble.