Yeh my name is John and my plot number 144, years years now I think.

I was from since a small, my mother used to do this kind of work so I’ve been put and put on, she trained me that way. So I grew up rough and tough, that’s the way we make our living you know. Plant food, we reap food we sell food and we look after ourself. It help clothes us from a little boy till I come a big man, momma and all them die and gone leaving me still doing the same work, yeh.

I don’t think I ever make any mistake, I also work with something and get something in return.

Well my biggest achievement, I used to do farming until I build house, get money to build house and so on. Yeh back home, but since I come here just this little stupidness I do just to keep my hand to my mouth. Get fresh food for me to eat, get greens for me to eat.

Hear from Mckenzie Forrest on Plot 176 

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