Joseph Davies

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Joseph Davies My name is Joseph Davies D.A.V.I.E.S, it’s the Welsh Davies but I was born in Crumpsall hospital Manchester just before the war started.
I came on here in 1963 I think, and I’m the longest serving one on here now, I’m 73 now. I just love gardening and the fresh, growing your own food.

I’ve always been a keen gardener, even as a child you know and I met, started work at St. Georges engineers on Ordsal Lane at the age 15, its an engineering company and I met a World War 2 gardener. He finished the war and moved on here and I got a plot next to him.

Oh I made lots of mistakes, you never think of them do you? Mistakes, I don’t call them mistakes, the good lord sent bad weather and we lost stuff simple as that. Well I don’t make mistakes on purpose, its just how the weather went, bad weather, frost kills your plants off, allsorts.

When I first started going on here I moved down here and got to know all the locals and eventually took over, I was secretary and the treasurer for years and I ran it. Him there Chris (points to a man called Chris behind me) he took over from me because I ended up in hospital, was in hospital for 5 month… 5 years. 3 hip replacements you know, was an alcoholic. I’ve made mistakes but I’m not an alcoholic anymore, not had a drink in 7 years.
Now I’m still on here now and I’m staying on here, only live across the road behind the back streets. Good set of lads on here, there are war heroes, First World War veterans on here, Second World War veterans, Korea, Falklands, all good gardeners.