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Kelly My name is Kelly, Kelly Walsh but I don’t know what the plot number is.

I’ve been here personally myself 4, 4 or 5 weeks but think the plots been going for about 3 years.

Two things really, I work in a shop for most of my life and wanted to be outside and learn a bit more about growing things and just being outside, and I’m studying human rights and wanted to work with asylum seekers and refugees so seemed like the perfect project form me yeh. Its two years part-time its my masters so you know, (smiles) hard work.

I think that there has been quite a few as I’m just starting so you know, saying to Nicky shall I take the flowers off this one and shes like “no because that’s what the bean grows out of” and I’m ok wont tell her that I’ve just picked some beans off never mind, but yeh just little things like that so far while I’m learning.

I think through this, its doing the harvest and taking 4 or 5 baskets full of food and taking it back to the asylum centre and sitting down to have lunch with the food that has been produced. I mean obviously its not all the food but it adds to it and its quite a nice feeling to go here you go heres a whole load of courgettes that we grew for you and you know, which is a bit cheeky because I didn’t start it from the beginning but I still feel I own it a little bit (laughs) yeh cause I tended it and I harvested it so yeh its good (smiles)

The asylum centre I think is three days a week in three different areas of south London and the centre itself provides advice and sort of a place for people to go to get help and it does food and yoga and that kind of thing. And this (points around her) is just part of it and like I say it gets asylum seekers interacting with the community.