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Ken My name is Ken for short, its Kenrick, Ken for short.

My plot number where I’m sitting down here now is 168 (points to the large painted numbers above him head)
The time that I am here, oh since 19…, think its 1975, it’s a good long time.

Gardening, because when I left home, back home is Jamacia, we cultivated and when I heard people say “Well there is an allotment” so I tried to get my name on the list and like I say 1970, think its ’73, ’74 or ’75, something about there. Got my name on the list, and I came in, actual fact when the man came to show it, it was two of us at morning. There was a white guy and myself, and this was the worse plot he took us to and he took us up to the other one as it was much cleaner and nice and I… the white guy said to me ”You were the first one here this morning so choose from it” and I looked at both plots and I thought I’ll take the worse one and he said ”You must me mad, I wouldn’t take that” and I said “well I’m taking the first one” I looked at the plot and realised it hasn’t been worked for quite a long time so I take my cue from that and thought if it hasn’t been worked for a long time it’s the best plot to take and I took it and the crops that I earned, that I reaped that year was absolutely great. Potatoes, carrot, pumpkin, everything was enormous, really really big, so I was very pleased about that.

The biggest achievement, I think it is the friendliness; you know you make friends with other people who have a plot and I think that is a good achievement. Some people come to an allotment and they probably don’t talk to one another. I’m not saying it happens here at this one, but there a lot of friends, people you talk with and it makes the day go better for you and during them years even though at the time I was local councillor and I’d have to rush from work to here do a few hours, go back to the council meetings etcetera I’d still enjoy it up to today so in actual fact I always tell people this is my pride and joy the allotment is.

My worse mistake, I don’t think there is any. I don’t think… the thing is I came down here, I got the plot, something that I like, I enjoy doing it. If its mistake… oh the mistake think I did one year, I think I planted a few of the plants a bit too early and it was the sun that tricks me about it. That ticks us, many of us about it because we think in March coming up to April it was lovely so we plant a whole lot of things thinking well some of them are going to begin pretty early and going to be good. Only to find that not long after that comes the real bad weather and all the plants suffers and that was a mistake and I says, “I will not make that mistake again”