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MamitMy name is Mamit so my plot number is 123.
I’ve been in this plot about 6 years now.

The gardening in which I’ve got a very good habit, when I’m saying habit; when I was a kid I used to like to gardening so I found a friend of mine that said put your name down so you can get a plot from the council and that. I put my name down and a year later and I got this plot. So to be honest I enjoy every minute of it, every second of it.

Oh the gardening mistakes is a different two things actually, when you’re gardening back home is a different way, a different planting way whatever. I did make a mistake, so many mistake I did, but if you don’t make these mistakes you don’t learn. Which is like first year I didn’t know because the climate and that, I didn’t know what time I had to plant my plot, I mean my things on the ground whatever. Which I used to do on the wrong time because my mind it was to do for the back house where I come from, so I used to mix up everything. And then friends and that started explaining to me, no its not the time and blah blah blah and then I start going from there.

Yeh my proud moment is what I plant and what I see because when I plant everything and it grow it give me so happiness which is I can see everything that will grow up and I look after them which is what other thing. We don’t use any chemical. We use just water and the time before we plant them we use a horse manure and then they grow up with the water and that that’s it. But and again which I’m going to say which is sometimes you can get the black flies. Which is that black flies is you can only, you can’t, you can use a chemical but you can use two different things, originals. Like you know without hurting the human being. One is fairy liquid, you put a bit of fairy liquid and water and spray them black flies and they die, the other thing is, is garlic, garlic you gonna smash the garlic you’re not going to cut it just smash it and put it in the bowl put your water leave them for a two or three and that is going to suck it is going to give you the smell of the garlic and then you are going to put it into the bowl, I mean the spray and then you can spray them onto your tomatoes your cabbages whatever. That is the two solution but if you want you can go buy from the B&Q chemical whatever but we don’t do that you know we don’t do that.