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MarciaMy name is Marcia MacLeod and I don’t know my plot number.

This is my fourth year on the allotment. I was on a waiting list for six months, because my plot is only a quarter of a plot and I think some people didn’t want one that was so small. I was on a waiting list for one other site.

I had an allotment years and years a go when I lived in Northamptonshire. I was only there for a year and had to give up the allotment when I came back to London. And then because I’ve always ridden horses and had my own horse, and I never had any outside space at home, gardening went by the wayside. I gave up riding and thought maybe I could get an allotment and go back to it. I was already growing herbs and salads in a window box and I’ve also grown cherry tomatoes in a window box, so I had done some of that and really liked the idea of having fresh fruit and veg.

My silliest gardening mistake was last year when I planted some more lettuce and when I went to weed, forgot I’d planted the lettuce and started to pull them up. Apart from that, I’ve probably made so many mistakes because I was new to it: I can’t think of one that was particular bad, although I keep being told I shouldn’t walk on the plot, so now I have designated spaces for growing and only walk in between them.

I think the biggest gardening achievement is to grow anything at all, but if I can mention my magazine, I think the thing that’s really got me into it now is that I launched a magazine on allotments in North London called Your Allotment in July 2011. I’ve met so many interesting people and I’ve learnt so much through doing the magazine that it really made me more excited than ever about having the allotment.

Marcia’s Allotment magazine – your allotment