mckenzie Forrest

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mckenzie Forrest McKenzie Forrest, plot number 176.

I’ve had it for 20 years, I used to do it back home so I’m accustomed to it, so it wasn’t new to me but this is just prolonged aid as I retired so I get more involved with it.

The things we grow here we enjoy eating them and give away a lot of things to different people, because the product we get here its different to what we get in the shops. Its more palatable, its more… we enjoy eating it more that what we get in the shops, because there is no manure in this just a lot of hard work, sweat. Thats what we call it, our sweat, yeh so we enjoy it more. Yes we try every little thing all sorts of things we try here, and that an enjoyable… we enjoy planting, trying different things and enjoy it more.

We all make mistakes, but I can’t put my finger on one (laughs) we just try and do the best we can, we don’t really make any big mistake as such.