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Ronald'sAllotment My name is Ronald Bailey and 177 is my plot number. Been here 30 years.

Oh no I just love plants you know, I love plants and were I’m living I used to keep a beautiful flower garden and Hackney council gave me a prize for the best kept garden in the street you see.
So bit by bit I just pick up the same as well as Jacks pass there he asked me if I wanted to come down the allotment so that that was 30 ode years. You know, this is how it started and remain but I like to see the greenery of the plants thats one of the sweetness of it from my point of view you know.
I like to see them plants come up nice and green in my eyes you know thats the beauty of it for me.

Well going through the land sometimes you plant… the majority of the people want organic you know and you might plant a crop of pure potatoes and horse manure and you just get marbles you know so… I travelled down that road once or twice, getting away from the Growmore and then September comes you only got marbles for potatoes so I think that is one of them areas that you get wise to you have to give them a little taste of Growmore, put it in that sense. Think that was one of the biggest mistakes I done for two years, you waiting here for the crop and when you come to dig its only marbles, you know (laughs) so I think that that would be the area that I would say my two big mistakes. Planting potatoes without Growmore (laughs) the horse dung is ok cause it do give the flavour to the potato but to get them at a reasonable size you have to give them a little Growmore. That is me, don’t know about the others.

You see those plants there nice and green, that is the sweetness of the thing. I scarcely eat anything from the allotment, I just give away you know, but when you see it like that there you feel that the evening and the mornings were not wasted when you see the green, the greenery of it. Those cabbages there, they not wanna be here god spare on my life I’ll hopefully be Barbados but that look nice from my point of view when I see those green, green things coming through.