Rosalind Morgan

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Morgan My name is Rosalind Morgan and this plot I’ve got now is plot 18 and 19, and the secutary get the benefit of having one on the level because we’re on a hilly site.
I’ve had one since 1976 but this one I would thing possibly 20 years, because when the original secretary gave up, when the previous secretary gave up, I moved down the hill.
I’ve always loved gardening as a child and my grandfather and my father were keen on gardens and I think that’s one of the thinks that part of the joy off doing gardening is it never finishes.
One of the mistakes is putting things too close, its alright when they’re small but when they get bigger there is not enough room for your feet to harvest it and you’re treading on them, you have to be careful. I think that’s a constant mistake.
I would have said growing lots and lots of lovely fruit when is much more expensive in the shops. So you get the befit of that and one of the best thing and Marcia would agree I make something called boysenberry vinegar, which is excellent. Gone out to Japan as well.