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Savvas My name is Savvas and my plot number is 94, year 2000 is 12 years now so I’ve had the allotment for 12 years.

The honest truth? The honest truth, I came here with a teacher friend of mine to cut the lock. He got an allotment next to me and I came here to break the lock so he can put a new one and this one it was empty and I shock hand and I just took it.

The worse gardening mistake, oh my god, I’ve got a very good one. They had plenty of manure at the end of the allotment and I went there and who knows how many barrows I brought here and I put it in the middle. I turned the soil over and planted my beautiful, I had about 20 plants courgettes, and I plant everything outside, but from the acid they burn everything and I had nothing that year, I’m going back at the beginning, 8 years ago maybe 9 years ago, and I product nothing, absolutely nothing because the acid was so fresh and the compost and everything there and it burnt everything. What ever I planted there, nothing so I learnt now (laugh) and I don’t, I learn from my mistake and I don’t do that.

Achievement, well I’m, I don’t know I can’t, I can’t remember anything specific but the achievement is when you see something there and it growing lovely. Like that cherry tree now, I’m so happy only looking at it and I remember when I bought it from France and I brought it here and I planted it and now I see the big cherries and everything and that’s an achievement.
The artichoke there, I just planted a small thing and now look at it, it’s so nice. That is the, you get tired, you can sit back and relax and you see all these things growing nicely and the fig tree there look. I planted two twelve years ago but one it disappear so this is service and it’s the best one because this year it looks very very promising. They are not the green ones, they are the mauve ones, the big ones and they are so sweet, and they start its everywhere you know these things hum….