Terry Callahan

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Terry My name’s Terry Callahan and this is plot number 136, I share this with someone called Aggie, and we’ve got about half each. We’ve been working this just under five years now and on and off through all weathers I suppose.
My big month I think got me into gardening, it was Aggie who wanted an allotment and she actually said, “you wouldn’t be interested would you” which obviously begs the answers “ wouldn’t be interested in what?”
When she said about getting an allotment because I’d had an allergy and the smell of plants and wild flowers she thought I wouldn’t be interested but I thought maybe a good way of getting a bit of exercise. I do a little bit of digging and she could plant and grow everything and then I’d get loads of free food. Not quite the way it worked out.
We were on the waiting list for a couple of places, we tried the council waiting list but I think they have something like a nineteen year wait now and given that I work for the council it wasn’t that impressive, god knows how you get an allotment if you don’t.
We knew some people who knew the secretary over here so we could actually get an introduction. We were offered first of all a plot over here of quite a small plot over in the corner but there was supposed to be some other people come over so we ended up with the full ten rods. Aggie fell in love with this one so this is what we ended up getting.
We were offered shortly afterwards another plot on another allotment site, obviously we turned it down, let somebody else have a go. It would have been far too much to run two anyway.
My worse gardening mistake, oh dear I’ve done so many. We’ve all, I mean letting the weeds run a mock, probably my worse was in the second year I decided that I would be really clever and get some horse manure.
I’d used it whilst it was still green and it burnt the tops of everything, it rotted all the seeds in the ground, it killed the potato tops, it, well it was pretty much a disaster and managed to import tones and tones of weeds which I’m still trying to dig out now so I suppose to an extent that’s going to be right up there.
My best achievement, apart from actually sticking with it is growing things like asparagus peas which you’ve never heard of before and ending up with a crop with something you’ve neither seen nor eaten.
Things like that, getting traditional, some traditional varieties of carrot for instance to grow which is unusual and nice to do and also I mean stuff you don’t always see in the supermarket.