Tim Bourne

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Tim My name is Tim Bourne and my plot number is 202b here in Northfirlds allotments.
I’ve had this allotment plot for coming up to a year, I got it in August 2011 so next month will be the first year anniversary.
I think my interest in gardening goes back to my childhood, my father was quite a keen gardener who also liked to experiment with different crops but my interest was refreshed after I did a horticultural course. When I reached the age of 50 I took a couple of years out to do a horticultural course at a local college.
I was on a waiting list for two years for this particular plot, I think I’m still on a waiting list for other plots but I’m quite content with this plot.
My worse gardening mistake that I know of, but there maybe more hiding around the corner, is planting tomatoes adjacent to potatoes, which I understand, is inadvisable.
For me I think the biggest achievement was the first crop of broad beans, probably after three or 4 weeks it felt like less of an achievement because we got a lot of broad beans but the first meal with my own broad beans was fantastic.