Tim Williams

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Tim Williams My name is Tim Williams and I really don’t know what plot number I’m on, some I’m somewhere on Low Hall Farm Allotments. This particular one I’ve been on here for about 3 years and before that I was on another allotment a half allotment for about a year or so, so I’ve grown up to a big one basically. I didn’t have a garden, I live quite close, I wanted to grow food and I needed something to do at the weekends.

Was on a waiting list for about a year but what I did when I spoke to Sheena, I kept in contact with Sheena and what I would recommend to anyone that wants an allotment is ask for half an allotment because unless you’re retired, err unless sorry I’m speaking as a chairman now. No one knows how much work is actually involved, there is a huge amount of work in being involved in an allotment and if you get a quarter one or half one then at least you’ll find out and its much easier to get a half allotment than a full, so that’s what I did and started on the half allotment and then moved onto a full one later. I would suggest allotments, half allotment if you are working and full if you are retired.

I got asked on about three years ago because someone retired and Sheena wanted me to be a chairman, and I’m deputy chairman of the Walthamstow allotment association as well.
This was the allotment I wanted to be on, erm I haven’t got a car, I don’t like travelling that much so I just wanted to go local and I think that’s right I think that the actual point you want somewhere almost within waking distant rather than by going by car, which is a bit self defeating really.

And not attending the allotment is the worse mistake you can make as the weeds can just shoot up. Erm so the big mistake is normally being involved with time, like I haven’t spent enough time on the allotment because of other commitments like family and working and then I’ve left things and then as you can probably see its gone too weedy and that’s the problem. Its always weeds and maintenance.
Err slowing down time and I do actually enjoy weeding despite what I said before as I can sit down with the radio or listen on my ipod and just weed away very very happily.