Brazil for a day

And so I finally reached Puerto Iguazu, and only 2 hours late! What a nightmare of a journey. First bus brakes down, piled onto another a second over crowded one, just out of curiosity did I get off the bus at a station a few hours later to see they were preparing a third for our destination and most were already on board!
Who knows were I’d have ended up, they didn’t seem to tell people, but I guess they’d have done a head count and found me, I hope…

_VLS3165I showered, put on fresh clothes at the hotel I’d checked into and headed back to the bus station in search of the ticket to Brazil. It may seems strange to spent 5 hours in a country and be satisfied to leave but I hadn’t come to see the country, just the other part of the Iguazu falls. One being on the Argentinian side and the other on the Brazilian side.
The views were amazing, truly breathtaking. I don’t think I’ve snapped my camera so much since being here and standing so close to the falls on one of the viewing platforms left me soaking but gratefully refreshed. The day was hot and sticky, and I had become uncomfortable until that amazing moment.
There isn’t any walking tours in the park, just boat rides and abseiling. I’d wanted to explore _VLS3200inside the park more but I guess that was to be saved for the otherside.
The last bus was at 17:00, 18:00 Brazil time. It was getting late, the bus was due to depart in less that 5 minutes and still no sign of it. I wasn’t sure if this was just the Argentine way I’d experienced so many times or I was waiting at the wrong site for the return journey.
In a panic, as usual, I started to walk, I got a little down the road when I saw the bus approaching. Headed across the road to hope aboard. The driver had remembered me, “Inglaterra” he exhaled grinning and welcomed me onto the bus where we drove to the point I’d been waiting just 5 minutes before.
So it was just the laid back Argentina way after all.