Calibrate good times


transparency sheet and finaltest image

When I first embarked on this project I had not expected to hit so many hurdles, one year on and I’d still only spoken to two people, and one of those being my father. My persistence finally paid off, the newspapers started printed my call-out requests after many repeated phone calls, and people started coming forward. To date I’ve successfully recorded 29 accounts.

Following a six week wait, August this year, I got my grant application accepted and have been preparing for an exhibition in Nottingham. The perfect location at the time of the application as Nottinghamshire still had one of three remaining deep pits in operation within the country.

base exposer testAfter completing a workshop in photogravure early this year I decided to produce the images from polymer plates and print in a rich Charbonnel ink.
A month into the printing and I’ve successfully calibrated my printer to produce transparencies and worked out the perfect times from exposer on the UV unit. I hadn’t expected it to take so long, I’ve gotten behind but think I can catch up now the plates are exposing correctly.
Each printer prints out slightly differently and each brand of transparency with need different exposer times on different UV exposure units. A lot of exposing polymer plates is needed to work out the the base exposer time and image exposer time for the optimum results.

chartThe image above to the left shows different exposers to the plate to determine the minimum exposure required for a true blacks. Unlike Black and white printing in a darkroom, the longer the exposer the lighter the image becomes as you are burning more into the plate.
The image to the right show a chart with different ronal range.
Once printed this is scanned ingot he computer and reading taken. It produces a curve that is places on each image before a transparency is printed out. This makes sure you are getting the full tonal range in each print without burning too much of the plate away when its exposed to UV light.

Once printed, each image will work with a quote taking from their interview and beautifully hand wrote thanks to a professional calligrapher.

My first print goes off to the framers tomorrow ready for them to start producing the frames. Its all coming together, its very exciting.