Leaving Mendoza for the final time

And so I did my final return and departure of Mendoza. It feels sad to know I won’t be returning in a few day but instead heading onto Buenos Aires from the Iguazu falls and eventually flying home.
Mendoza had been a home away from home for me in this country, I know my way around town and have my favourite little spots.
I’ve visited friends in their homes, celebrated Christmas, new Year and the wedding of two wonderful friends all in Mendoza.
Its a place I’ve smiled at when arriving in once again, an expression on my face usually reserved for my arrival in the North of England or pulling into Rhyl train station, North Wales, as an indication and a knowing of being back to my routes.
I’d booked the departure ticket whilst in Córdoba, finally giving myself enough time to get a luxury seat  (sleeper) and on my favourite bus company called Andresmar. It’s going to be my longest journey to date in this country, 34 hours. That’s the whole of the 12th spent sat on a bus plus the evening and morning of the days either side.

_VLS2838I had planned to spend a day and a bit around San Luis whilst on route to Mendoza from Cordoba. There were caves around Carolina I wanted to see, but the bad weather had followed me from Córdoba. I sat at that station feeling miserable waiting for a bus to show up, unsure of what platform or when it would arrive. Sitting there looking out at the rain I wondered what I was doing, I knew it would be hard to find these caves with my lack of local knowledge and non existent spanish so booked a ticket to Mendoza and back I went.

We went for dinner that evening at friends. I arranged a wine tour for the 9th and spent the morning of the 8th walking around the city seeing vicious museums I’d not yet visited. A combined ticket got me into three museums around the city.
_VLS2788I wouldn’t recommend the Aquarium, the tank for the giant turtle wasn’t giant and they poor creature looked bored. Swimming too close to the edge of the enclosure he continually hit the glass. Great for being able see should a magnificent creature, but I’d happily have forgone his experience if it meant this turtle be given a lot larger enclosed and a friend.

The winery tour was amazing, trying different wines, olive oils and spirits, whats not to like.
There was a mix of tourists from Southern America on their holidays. I’d heard a lot of praise for the Mendoza wine and having spent a few too many evening drinking with friends and was inclined to agree.