To the moon or at least the valley

Still in the Mendoza Province I’d taken a trip to San Agustin. It’s a sleepy little town only visited by tourist wanting to do various trips out to the national parks. I’d planned for two such excursion when arranging my stay at the hotel, who also organised such trips. On arrival and after paying two nights for my room I’m told it’s only possible for one of the desired excursions as the other required a three hour walking and it seemed I was the only fool wishing to do such a trip in this sweltering heat.
_VLS2565Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) was worth the visit to San Agustin. A truly amazing sight with surreal rock formations. The minibus from the hostel took us to various sites within the park where each time we were met with a very informative guild, well I say informative, unfortunately all information was in Spanish and not a word of it I was able to apprehend. Whilst I understand this is a Spanish speaking country and should very much be in Spanish, I’m not sure as a foreign tourist I should pay more for the privilege of being on tour I have no way of understanding. Many other attractions charge more but cater with audio or a little more than a tiny leaflet giving enough information to understand what it is you are seeing.
_VLS2519I’m not sure if this is my appalling English expectations coming out but if you charge foreign visitors more then surely there should be something to show for this, you must accommodate their needs, if not then charge the same and shame on them for travelling a country I they’ve not bothered to learn the native tongue.
Rant over and bottom lip free of the coat hanger of my sulk, I would recommend a trip of there for the views alone.