Wakes Weeks

With Brexit still set for March 2019, the return to the blue passport and our movement within Europe unclear, I look at the possibility of a return to the British seaside the popularity it had during Wakes Weeks.
Wakes Weeks were a period of dates, June – August, originally a religious festival, villagers held a feast of dedication to their local parish church. With the coming of the industrial revolution and the railways, the traditional wakes weeks were when factory workers would travel to seaside resorts for their annual week holiday.
Counties would stagger their week holiday during which the local factories, collieries and other industries closed for a nominated week, as seaside towns simply could not have accommodated a whole area in one week.
Postcards, now sent whist you are on holiday, were received from those who stayed behind, tell of the towns news.

If you have any an postcard that were sent or received during wakes week I’d love to here from you.

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